The best payday loans

New technologies are increasingly being implemented in society and now we can carry out many procedures through the Internet. Here you will find the best online loans of up to 50,000 euros that you will enjoy in 48 hours. Discover how to earn time and money with the internet, regardless of the legal restrictions on payday loan funding in their state.

How are online loans without paperwork today?

The online loans without papers allow us to obtain financing with a 100% online application process, so we will save time in travel and in filling out documents. Currently, they are granted by both banks and private equity companies. However, if we talk about speed, private lenders are positioned first. Next, we explain which are the most important online credits and what characteristics each of them has:

  • Mini online loans: offer amounts of money around 1,000 euros and are returned within a maximum period of 30 days. We can request them for the purpose we want, although they are designed to obtain extra liquidity in the event of unexpected incidentals. They do not include commissions and it is not necessary to contract linked products either. Its cost is around 1.1% per day, so 100 euros lent to 30 days will generate 33 euros of interest on average.
  • Private urgent loans: they are very similar to mini-credits, but with these products, we can access higher amounts from 3,000 euros and are reimbursed in monthly installments since the repayment term is higher than with the mini-credits. It is also not necessary to change banks and its cost is around 6% per month.
  • Personal online loans of financial establishments: these are products offered by financial institutions that allow us to request up to 50,000 euros and have the money in our account in 48 hours. Generally, they will require us to justify the purpose for which we want the money and comply with stricter conditions than in the previous two. Its cost is around 8% APR and may have commissions or links.

Depending on our economic situation and the purpose for which we need the money, it will be more appropriate to contract one type of product or another. For example, if we want to obtain liquidity quickly to pay a fine or fix a domestic fault, mini-credits can be a good option. On the other hand, if we need extra money to renovate the house or buy a vehicle, it will be more convenient to contract loans through traditional financial institutions.

Profiles apt to request these credits by Internet

In general, fast online loans are easier to obtain than bank loans, since their requirements tend to be much more flexible. However, this does not mean that the companies that grant them approve all their applications. As is logical, if we want to access these products, we must meet a series of solvency conditions:

  • Be of legal age, although some companies are stricter and in some cases demand more than 21 or 25 years.
  • Reside permanently in Spanish territory. Both to demonstrate this point and the previous one, the entity in question will ask us to present a photocopy in color and on both sides of our ID, NIE or passport.
  • To be able to demonstrate that we receive income that exceeds the limit established by the entity and that we receive it on a regular basis, that is, sporadic payments will not be valid.

In the event that we are enrolled in a file of defaulters, our only option will be to request minicréditos of up to 750 euros. In addition, the lenders will require us to comply with two additional requirements: that the debt for which we are in ASNEF does not come from any bank, and that the same debt does not exceed 1,000 euros, although in some cases the limit may vary, and that each lender establishes the maximum desired.

How to get online loans without paperwork

When we talk about online loans without paperwork, it does not mean that we should not present any type of document, but that the necessary procedures to do so will be minimal. The application forms are online and, attached to the form itself, we must deliver the following scanned documents: identity document, proof of income and bank statement. With these three simple documents, it will be enough to obtain the financing we are looking for. These documents will be used by the entity to verify that the data of the form matches those of the documents and to avoid the fraudulent use of our data.

If we go to our bank, the paperwork that we will have to carry out will be smaller than if we go to a new entity, since they already have a large part of the necessary information to analyze our credit profile. In the case of quick mini-credits, many will allow us to eliminate the contribution of documentation entirely thanks to identity validation applications such as Pich or Instantor, speeding up the application and analysis process considerably.

The best tricks to get online loans

Although the requirements to access online loans without papers usually coincide with those we have indicated in the previous section, it is possible that some entities require us to comply with additional conditions or provide more guarantees. Therefore, before requesting one of these products, it is advisable that we consult what solvency requirements we must meet to ensure that we obtain approval.

It is also advisable if we want the processing to be carried out in the shortest possible time, that we have the scarce documentation that will be requested from us, prepared at the beginning of the application. It is recommended that, in addition, these documents be updated and that they are clearly seen at the time of delivery.

I’m in ASNEF, can I get online loans without papers?

Yes. Although we cannot get online bank loans, some private equity entities, especially online mini-loans, will allow us to get the money we need. However, for this we must meet two additional requirements for the general contracting conditions to be able to get loans online with ASNEF:

  • That the debt does not come from a default with a bank. If so, we will not be able to access these credits. That is, it can not come from defaults to credit cards or overdraft.
  • The debt for which we are enrolled may not exceed the limit determined by the lender. Normally the maximum debt will not exceed 200 euros, although according to the entity this limit may vary up to 500 euros or up to 1,000 euros.

Online mini-credits with ASNEF are not more expensive. Its cost will be the same both for people registered in these files and those who are not because it is an additional advantage and not a service for which we must pay additionally. If we are registered in these files, it will not be necessary to submit any additional procedures as the entities will check it by going directly to the files.

Can I get loans online without a payroll?

Yes. As long as we have an alternative remuneration, there will be no problem in getting online loans without payroll of any kind. However, in order for our application to be approved, this income that does not come from a payroll must comply with a series of characteristics so that the lenders consider them valid:

  • Regulators: the income we receive must be monthly and lengthened in time to be considered valid.
  • Enough: the amount received should allow us to repay the loan online in the chosen period without problems and without upsetting our economy.
  • Justify: it is essential to present a document (such as the VAT declaration) that certifies that we received such income.

Among the most common salaries that do not come from a salary, we find the income of the self-employed, the pensioners and, in rare cases, the income from the unemployment benefit.